Loosening the Grip of Your False Self
A Unique Self Coaching Program


We believe that everyone has a unique purpose and that joy arises naturally when one lives in the reality of their unique calling as a gift to the world. This is what it means to be living as your Unique Self.

  • Do you wonder who you are and why you’re here?
  • Do you want to contribute your gifts to the world but something stands in your way?

There are reasons why you feel this way . . .

It’s what happens when who we really are gets hidden under who we think we are supposed to be. The Unique Self Coaching Process guides you on a journey of discovery where you will find that your essence, who you really are, is a beautiful and unique expression of Spirit, the source of love, known by many names in the spiritual traditions East and West.




This 6 session class begins the journey towards drawing out the unique beauty that is you by:

  • Discovering the Unique Self Framework
  • Exploring your distorted view of yourself
  • Learning practices that loosen the grip of that distortion

Group Coaching Fees

Single Payment of $850

Three Monthly installments of $284


How long is the program?

The program lasts 12 weeks and includes a 1 hour individual coaching session, 6 x 2 hour live group sessions (a session every two weeks), and inter- session work.

How much does it cost?

Introductory Offer: $850

Participation in this program entitles you to a $300 discount for our Unique Self Coach Training Program

What will I need to participate?

You will need an Internet connection in order to join the live calls.

Where and when are the sessions? Next class to be announced

We hold these sessions online through video/audio conferencing platform.
The sessions will be over 12 weeks on Saturdays from 9:30 to 11:30 PT

What happens during the Sessions?

We will meet in Groups of a maximum of 10 participants. You will be coached during the live sessions and each person will benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. All sessions will be recorded so you can listen again or catch up if you missed one.

Will I need to be engaged in between Sessions?

The short answer is YES.

Prior to the first session and in between sessions you’ll engage in exploration work and practices designed to uncover and dismantle your Separate Self. These practices are powerful and potentially transformation as they create new awareness of old embedded patterns and break your current way of being in these patterns through cultivating new and more resourceful ways of being in them. They will demand time and commitment on your part. While each of you will engage in them individually, knowing that your buddies in the group are also engaged in the same work and that each person, including your coaches, are holding the vision of your Unique Self, will create a powerful and sacred container for this work.

Online Community:
In addition to doing your practices, you will be invited to connect to a private Facebook group page so that you can share your experience and challenges with your peers in between sessions. Your degree of participation in this part of the program will be entirely up to you but we recommend that you stay tuned into your group by reading and responding to other’s posts and posting yourself.

Each person’s willingness to show up and be vulnerable is an essential factor for creating and building trust is such an intimate group. When you show up, you invite others to do the same and everyone grows and benefits. This is the nature of a sacred group container.

How do I know if this is for me?

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of living in ways that feel contrived; you know you have more to contribute but you feel stuck or unclear and can’t quite grasp or let go of what holds you back.
  • You’re eager to uncover what keeps you from starting this project or writing that book, what stops you from being the friend, parent or lover you know you can be with those that matter the most to you.
  • You’re willing to start this adventure with beginner’s mind and eager to taking responsibility for all that you are and are becoming.
  • You’re open to being vulnerable and willing to show up in a small group where you won’t be able to hide.
  • You’re open to being lovingly pushed to your edges by your coaches and your group.

This is not for you if:

  • You want a “solution” to your problems. While we follow a process, this work will demand your full commitment and contribution. Ultimately, your transformation is in your hands, and no formula can be a substitute to your desire to engage and take responsibility for your experience.
  • You’re unwilling to address wounds from your past – while we will be engaging in a process that uncovers and challenges old core beliefs and limiting views about yourself, the nature of our work is present and future focused. It is not a substitution for therapeutic work.
  • You are not open to being vulnerable in a group. We keep our groups small such that each Unique Self can be seen and revealed to others. Being seen by others as you are is part of the process of accepting yourself as you are. This is where the journey to self-compassion starts in our group work.

Who are the coaches?

Barbara Alexander
Barbara is an Integral Master Coach™ in private practice and a senior teacher with the Center for Integral Wisdom. Her passion for human development spans 35 years of training and practice in Integral Coaching, Integral Theory, Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Direction. She is a long time practitioner in the Theravada Buddhist and contemplative Christian traditions.

Claire Molinard
Claire Molinard is an Integral Master Coach™ and teacher. She works in private practice and as faculty for integral coaching Canada (ICC). Her spiritual practice spans over 20 years exploring various traditions Eastern and Western. She is a direct student in the Unique Self lineage teaching with Dr. Gafni.

What if I am not sure this is for me?

You may be on the fence. You may have already done some work. Either way, we can meet you there. If you have any question about being a good fit or if this is for you, we’d love to connect and help you decide if this is your next step to living more fully. Email info@uniqueselfcoaching.com for more information.

How do I register?

Single Payment of $850

Three Monthly installments of $284

About Unique Self Coaching . . .

puzzleThe normal trajectory of human development requires that human’s individuate and learn to be separate selves. As we grow up, an array of influences including family, culture, economics and physical development, affect our development. In response we find that a False Self or Persona emerges. This persona or way of thinking, feeling and acting becomes a pattern that seems like the real you, but in reality is a distorted version of who you are called to be. The Unique Self Coaching process begins with practices that help loosen the contracted pattern of the False Self. You can then drop more deeply into connection with the Source that underlies and animates the whole manifest world. It is from that connection that the realization of your uniqueness becomes obvious and you recognize that you are an irreducible expression of Source. It is living in you, as you and through you.

As we experience the emergence of our own Unique Self we are then opened to the unique beauty in others. The framework and practices help us to encourage that uniqueness in those around us. Most of all the process enables us to let go of the stress and anxiety that drives us, and live from a place of expanded, open-heartedness.