Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory with the capstone of the Unique Self dharma as articulated by Marc Gafni is the basis for Unique Self Coaching. It’s articulation of the human journey through the necessary individuation we call the separate self to the realization that we are part of the “seamless coat of the universe” to the recognition that we are each a unique expression of the Ultimate Reality provides an elegant and practical framework for growth.

Informed by the wisdom of the ancient spiritual traditions and the discoveries of modern psychology, the Unique Self teachings remind us that each of us longs to find profound meaning in our lives – to feel that we matter. At our core, we all have a story to tell through our words, deeds and actions. Once expressed, this story brings dignity and worth when it can be lived, told and received wholeheartedly. While some stories are universal, the unique aspect of every human story is the very essence of that person’s nature. In his book, Your Unique Self, Dr. Gafni asserts that expressing one’s own unique story within the greater whole is each person’s birthright and unique obligation. We are magnetically pulled to complete that expression until our last breath, as a way of leaving our mark upon the world.

The Unique Self is not a concept but a quality of presence that is embodied as we awaken to our interconnectedness and grow beyond our sense of separation. We believe it is the purpose for existence because it is from here that we can most fully offer our gifts to the world.

Researchers have given us irrefutable evidence that humans continue to grow throughout our lifetime. Spiritual teachers ancient and modern echo that truth. As our world becomes increasingly complex, it is imperative that we grow into deeper and wider stages of development in order to navigate and assist our world’s evolution.

Our desire to assist in the transformation of the world has resulted in the Unique Self Coaching Process. Because the process facilitates getting to the heart of whom you are and how the creative impulse of Ultimate Reality wants to express through you, it has many applications. Whether you are seeking spiritual connection and development, wanting to understand why your life is no longer fulfilling or exploring your life’s purpose, this process will help.

So how does it work?

It begins with getting to know aspects of yourself that are often invisible. We call this your “unique perspective,” or your unique way of thinking and acting. Not only is it invisible but it also unknowingly protects you from making the changes you desire. While that familiar way of being has many positive qualities, at some point it becomes limiting. But it’s all we’ve got, so we keep using the familiar pattern, seeing and acting through that “unique perspective.” Often this results in “trying the same thing, expecting different results” when it comes to change.

Using several Exploration tools, the first step is to help you recognize your Unique Perspective. We start there because you can’t change what you can’t see. You’ll come to appreciate both your strengths and limitations. Once you see your unique perspective or operating system, we’ll chart a path toward a deeper and wider way of being, one that involves learning new competencies through specific practices, reflection, feedback and support as your Unique Self emerges. This will increase your capacity to address whatever change you desire as you come to live from a place of greater fullness and freedom. It is from this new place that you can be of greater service to the world.

We offer one on one coaching sessions for individuals on demand. The program as a whole is a transformational experience that takes an average of 9 months to complete.

The Unique Self Coaching Process begins with a free 30 minute initial session. Contact us at: