Embody your Unique Self and learn to facilitate your clients’ unique emergence as your contribution to the evolution of consciousness.

The Unique Self Coaching Process is an elegant and practical structure designed to facilitate significant leaps forward in a person’s emergence into all they are created to be. Rooted in Dr. Marc Gafni’s Unique Self Teaching, a key new chapter in Integral Theory according to noted American philosopher Ken Wilber, the process weaves psychological and spiritual development into a powerful framework for change. The goal of the 9-month certification training program is to enable change agents to utilize the process with individuals and groups with whom they work.

Claire and Barbara

Taught by

Claire Molinard

and Barbara Alexander

Co-Creators of the

Unique Self Coaching Process



First European Program completes March 2017

Third United States Program begins September 2017

  • If you work in a helping profession and you seek to incorporate a spiritual growth dimension into your current work with your clients, I personally highly recommend the Unique Self Coaching program as a way to evolve your consciousness and theirs. This training is the most important step you can take towards facilitating your own emergence, and that of your clients. –Dr. Marc Gafni


The most effective way to learn the Unique Self Coaching Process is to engage in the process itself with the support of a skilled Unique Self Coach while participating in a cohort designed to give a theoretical grounding of the process. We create a group dynamic that gives a remarkably deep sense of support for your growth and development even as we offer significant content during each intensive. Guiding two volunteer clients through the Unique Self Coaching framework, supervised by your coach, completes your deep understanding and embodiment of the process.

You will receive the Unique Self Coaching Process Manual and Practice Guide as well as other instructional materials, all designed to support your learning of both the theory and practice of the process.


Major Elements Details
Three in person Intensives, cohort limit is twelve. The first two are four day and the last a three day intensive, a total of 80 contact hours
Individualized coaching to facilitate your own Unique Self emergence. Ten 75 minutes coaching and supervision calls along with a commitment to connect with you when you have questions or need support.
Supervision as you work with two volunteer clients to learn the Unique Self Coaching Process.
Work between intensives that includes reading, writing assignments and practices. This work is not insignificant, you can expect several hours a week, but no busy work, only assignments essential to the formative process.
Participation in the online Unique Self Coaching Collective learning community. A community of Unique Self Coaches is growing and finding remarkable ways to use the process in a broad array of settings.
Developing a marketing plan to become more visible and attract clients. You will be introduced to a simple but powerful approach to marketing through instruction and the use of ready made tools and templates.



Coaches, Therapists, Spiritual Directors, Clergy, and Consultants, and all Helping Professionals this program is for you, and for all change agents whose own spiritual journey leads them to desire a spiritual development offering for their clients – one that is grounded in sound psychological and spiritual principles. We see the process being used in a broad array of contexts and encourage those who attend to apply what they’ve learned in creative ways . . . and they have!


  1. Embody the Unique Self Coaching Process
    One of the Unique Self Coaching Collective’s core faculty will guide you through the Unique Self Coaching Process. You will discover your False Self Pattern and the way in which it prevents you from becoming who you really are. Next you will experience transformative personal practices that facilitate your Unique Self emergence as you learn to transcend and include your Separate Self, and deepen more fully into your True Self.
  2. Understand the Unique Self Coaching Process
    Through lectures, exercises, and resource materials you will learn the theoretical framework behind each aspect of the coaching process including the Unique Self Teachings, U Theory, foundational and advanced Integral Theory, and an integrally informed client assessment process.
  3. Guide the Process by Coaching Others
    Working with two volunteer clients, you will learn to facilitate the complete process and integrate it into your practice while being supervised by your faculty coach. Upon successful completion of program, you will earn certification as a Unique Self CoachTM.


  • utilize a development process that offers a practical map for spiritual growth that gives access to a vibrant, alive sense of being, and a way to actively engage a life of meaning and purpose.
  • effectively assist individuals by modeling the process through your own development.
  • customize the process to fit the needs of your clients.
  • apply the marketing component to your professional setting.
  • utilize the process in ways we have not yet imagined.


US Program: $7500 USD
European Program: 6800 Euros

This includes:

  • Three on site intensives
  • Individual coaching for your own embodiment of the process
  • Individual supervision as you coach volunteer clients
  • All learning materials including the Unique Self Coaching Process Manual and Practice Guide
  • Participation in the online Unique Self Coaching Collective learning community
  • Program workbook with license to use all materials with clients (may not be shared
    with individuals other than clients)
  • Once certified, inclusion on the Unique Self Coaching Collective webpage for certified coaches
  • US Training: guest house lodging plus breakfast and lunch during each intensive.
  • Europe Training: dormitory lodging plus meals during each intensive. Single and
    double rooms are available for additional charge.

Multiple payment plans for the program are available.



Northern California



Venwoude Retreat Center, Vuurse Steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuursche, The
Netherlands. Venwoude is a magnificent retreat center outside of Amsterdam.


June 22 – 26, 2016 The First Intensive begins at 7:00 PM Wednesday evening and ends at 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon.
October 19 – 23, 2016 The Second Intensive begins at 7:00 PM Wednesday evening and ends at 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon.
March 9 – 12, 2017 The Third Intensive begins at 7:00 PM Thursday evening and ends at 1:00 PM Sunday


For an application form download the application here. Once your application is reviewed, we’ll contact you for a personal interview.

We recognize enrolling in Certification Training program is a significant decision. Please feel free to contact us at info@uniqueselfcoaching.com. We would love to have the opportunity to talk it through with you.

PDF: Unique Self Coaching Certification Training Program Information Document

  • Unique Self Coaching is an exploration of Self, serenading psychology and spirituality to make sense of the wild and beautiful cacophony of the world in which we live. Finally a program that takes you on a journey to find your story and then share it with the world for the betterment of humanity. It doesn’t get better than this. You cannot even dream of the beauty that will unfold in your life. If you are ready to find LOVE as the center of your universe, I highly recommend Unique Self Coaching. –Lynn Matthews-Reifsteck

  • The Unique Self Training has been an amazing gift--one in which I feel like my whole life's work has been honored. I have felt supported continuously and have been able to integrate all of my various interests--particularly spirituality and psychology--into a cohesive process. I am very grateful for this offering and look forward to working with it with clients in the future. –Dr. Ritu Esbjorn