We believe that everyone has a unique purpose and that joy arises naturally when one lives in the reality of their unique calling as a gift to the world. This is what it is means to be living as a Unique Self. Our vision and greatest hope is that Unique Self Coaching may serve as a skillful means to facilitate the emergence of the Unique Self in men and women of all ages so they may live happier, more successful and purposeful lives in service to the world.

We are dedicated to helping individuals fulfill their highest purpose through offering Unique Self coaching and training that engage deep and sustainable transformation.  

The Unique Self Coaching Process is a powerful change technology that taps into Creative Source to engage your unique potential and facilitate its emergence as your Unique Self. Watch a 5 minute introduction to the Unique Self Coaching Process.

The latest research in human development confirms what empirical wisdom and spiritual teachings worldwide have always affirmed: human consciousness is an evolutionary process that continues to develop throughout life.

Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory with the capstone of the Unique Self dharma as articulated by Marc Gafni is the basis for Unique Self Coaching.  

  • I've studied Unique Self since 2009, and I was looking for a way to put it into practice. You guys have done it--this is Dharma on Wheels!–Heather Fester, Director of the Center for Writing and Scholarship at California Institute of Integral Studies